Crude Oil Refining Petroleum products Process Design



The kerosene is a product of crude oil refining, obtained from 'second cut' or 'water white cut' in crude oil separation achieved in the atmospheric distillation column just below the naphtha or gasoline cut. Distillation range for kerosene occurs between 3500F and 5500F. The kerosene cut from atmospheric distillation column is treated in the hydrotreating unit followed by treatment in Merox unit to produce aviation fuel.

A century ago major use of kerosene was for domestic illumination, heating and cooking. With advent of electricity this use has subsided in many places and majority of kerosene is now devoted towards production of high quality Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF). In some places, kerosene is still used for domestic usage such as heating, cooking etc.

Some physical properties are given for reference in the following table,

Boiling range of Kerosene 3500F to 5500F
Burning point range of Kerosene 1500F to 1750F
Gravity range of Kerosene 400API to 460API
Sulfur content in Kerosene 0.13 wt% Max


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