Process Design

Carbon Capture and Storage Processes

Basic description of various processes used for separating CO2 from industrial flue gases or natural gas and for compressing and then safely storing the extracted CO2.


Discover the fundamentals of compressors, their types, and calculations. Check various compressor P&ID symbols also.

Centrifugal compressors - Structure, design and operation of centrifugal compressors, Theory and equations for centrifugal compressors, P&ID-PFD typical, Start-up and maintenance procedures for centrifugal compressors etc.

Crude Oil Exploration and Production

Terminology, basic description of processes and equipment, typical process flow diagrams and P&ID etc. used in oil production is discussed in the given post.

Crude Oil Refining -  Basic processes and products along with typical process flow diagrams for crude oil refining.

Petroleum Products - Brief description, composition, physical properties of various petroleum products of crude oil refining.

Engineering Design Reviews

Engineering design is usually a collaborated effort. Different teams from different disciplines of engineering need to collaborate on the same project. Naturally, the work done by each team / participant needs to be reviewed by others on regular intervals. Engineering Design Reviews are meetings held for these review sessions where different stakeholders can develop a better common understanding of the work in progress.

Depending on the engineering deliverables being reviewed, there are some commonly practiced review meetings which have now become quite standard. This post contains objectives and basic description of activities performed during HAZOP, PSSR, Fire Safety Review etc.

Safety, Loss Prevention, Fire Fighting

The given post contains miscellaneous topics related to safety in process plants, fire fighting and loss prevention measures.

Gasification of coal / biomass

Basic types of processes for gasification of coal or other carbonaceous fuels, reactions for gasification, products of gasification, gasifier equipment, guidelines for selection of a gasification process.

Heat Transfer

Theory and equations about conduction, convection, radiation etc. and about heat transfer equipment for solving heat transfer problems.

Heat Exchangers

This post contains details about heat exchangers including their types, working principle, design & calculations, design software and P&ID symbols in this post.

Heat exchanger types

Important Equations for Process Design

Theory and equations for design of various process equipment, instruments, piping etc.

Phase Separation

Check the given post to explore phase separation equipment for gas liquid separation, theory and equations to design the phase separators and calculators to size phase separation equipment.

Physical Properties - theory and definitions

Definitions and brief explanations for a range of physical properties of substances have been discussed here.

Pipeline Pigging

Check this post to explore process description, pigging equipment, typical P&IDs for pipeline pigging.

Power Generation Plants

Basic processes, PFDs, standards and codes for design of power generation plant, different types of power generation plants and basic analysis of their efficiencies.

Pressure Relief valves

Theory, description, sizing equations, guidelines etc. for pressure relief valves and related piping.

Process Control

Elements of process control mechanism such as - control valves, controllers, their types and applications are explored in the given post.

Process Deliverables

Basic description of process deliverables such as P&IDs, PFDs, heat and mass balance etc. along with typical contents and information represented by these process deliverables.

Typical Equipment Datasheets - Sample datasheets for equipment frequently used in processing industry with minimum required information to be included in the datasheets.

Typical Instrument Datasheets - Sample datasheets for instruments frequently used in process industry with minimum required information to be included in the datasheets.

Typical P&ID Arrangements and Symbols - Typical P&ID arrangements for different range of process systems along with general guidelines for design of such systems and commonly used P&ID symbols for different equipment and instruments.

Typical Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) for process units - Typical PFD arrangements for a range of process systems along with general guidelines for design of such process systems.

Process Equipment

List of various process equipment along with description of the structure, design, related theory and operation of each equipment.


Study on different types of pumps along with pump operations, pump sizing calculations, testing of pumps, pump installation and P&ID symbol of pumps.

Structure, design and operation of centrifugal pumps, Theory and equations for centrifugal pumps, Start-up and maintenance procedures for centrifugal pumps etc.

Refrigeration Process Design

Types of refrigeration processes, basic process description, process flow diagrams, refrigeration equipment, different types of refrigerants etc.

Steam Systems

Steam generation boilers, steam utility networks, use of steam in operations, maintenance, start-up etc.


Theory and equations from thermodynamics that are frequently used for design of process equipment and facilities.

Vent and Flare systems

Various components and equipments which make-up the vent flare systems, terminology used for the flare systems, tools and methods for designing and sizing lines, headers, stack for the flare system etc.

Interview Questions for Process Engineers

Common interview questions for process engineers and chemical engineers.


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