Business Summary
Why SMT Plus is in business
SMT Plus is in business to help organizations mitigate risk, ensure integrity and reliability of their equipment and processes, an improve overall productivity.

How we do it
How we do the above is through the provision of competency development and assurance solutions

What is it that we do
Workforce Performance Improvement!
Description of Products / Services

SMT Plus provides the following services and products

Learning Solutions - courseware development, Training Guides, Reference Manuals, Procedures

Heavy Oil Processing Course Package

Gas Processing Course Package

FlowLynks (plug-in for PowerPoint) for helping operators create process descriptions during Sketch & Describe assessments

RapidCapture - an application for helping companies capture valuable tacit knowledge so it can be transformed into various mediums for dissemination to it workforce.

DROPS - Dropped Object Prevention System: a mobile application for managing Drilling Rig inspections and eliminating dropped objects.

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