2 Phase separator design calculator – Horizontal Knock Out Drum

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This calculator can be used to size a horizontal two phase separator for removal of liquid droplets, such as a knock out drum. This calculator determines the minimum required size of such a separator to handle the given flowrates based on settling velocity of liquid particles (also reported in results). The residence time of the liquid phase is required as an input to the calculator and should be based on control and shutdown requirements of the liquid level. It should be note that the vessel size calculated here is the absolute minimum requirement and the recommended size should be bigger than this with a margin.

Liquid Flowrate m3/hr
Gas Flowrate m3/hr
Liquid Density kg/m3
Gas Density kg/m3
Liquid Viscosity cP
Gas Viscosity cP
Liquid droplet diameter micron
L/D ratio (length/dia.)
Desired residense time between HLL and LLL minutes
Type of vessel head
Liquid droplet settling velocity m/s
Vessel Volume m3
Vessel Diameter m
Vessel Lengtgh (TL-TL) m



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