Vertical separator vessel – residence time calculator

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Calculate volume and residence time values between High High (HHLL), High (HLL), Low (LLL) and Low Low (LLLL) liquid level settings for a vertical separator vessel.

Internal Diamater mm
TL-TL length (refer figure) mm
Type of vessel head
High High Liquid Level HHLL length (refer figure) mm
High Liquid Level HLL length (refer figure) mm
Low Liquid Level LLL length (refer figure) mm
Low Low Liquid Level LLLL length (refer figure) mm
Steady Liquid Flowrate m3/hr
Vessel Volume m3
Volume - HHLL to HLL m3
Residence time - HHLL to HLL minute
Volume - HLL to LLL m3
Residence time - HLL to LLL minute
Volume - LLL to LLLL m3
Residence time - LLL to LLLL minute


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