Operation & Maintenance Process Equipment

Equipment Installation – Guidelines for lifting

Recommended procedures, practices, and checklists for the installation and pre-commissioning of new and reapplied equipment for petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services facilities. In general, these recommended practices are intended to supplement vendor instructions and the instructions provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) which should be carefully followed with regard to equipment installation and checkout.

Guidelines for Equipment Lifting

  • The equipment installer should verify that the cables and slings are bearing only on the intended lift points and are not transmitting any loads onto auxiliary piping, instruments, chain guards etc.
  • Lift points for individual equipment pieces should not be used for lifting equipment skids or packages, this is applied on the lifting lugs that may be found on motors, gear boxes, casings, inspection covers. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer. Equipment shafts should never be used for lift points.
  • For base plate mounted or skid-mounted equipment, only use lift points on the base plate or skid. Do not use the equipment as a lift point unless approved by the manufacturer. Care must be exercised in lifting skid-mounted equipment where part of the equipment or its auxiliaries have been removed for shipment, thus changing the center of gravity.
  • Equipment installer should keep other subcontractor and plant personnel from working under the lift and keep them away at a safe distance, until the equipment is secured and placed on its foundation or structure. For sleeve bearing equipment without thrust bearings, the rotor shall be blocked to restrict axial travel prior to lift.


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