Instrumentation Process Equipment

Multi Phase Flow Meter (MPFM)

A multi phase flow meter is used to measure the flowrates of produced crude oil, water and gas phases from an oil production well. A multiphase flowmeter can be thought of as a scaled down assembly of test separator and corresponding flow meters.

Multiphase flow meters are located on the test header or manifold from an oil well. The test header is a small header parallel to the production header. Production header or manifold handles the fluids produced from a crude oil or gas well. Purpose of the test header is measurement of the flowrates of oil, gas and water flowrates produced from the oil production well. Normally a multiphase flow meter is available as a skid. It consists of a small separator to separate the oil, gas and water phase. The separated oil, water and gas streams are then sent to individual flow meters to measure the individual flow rates. After flow measurement, the individual streams are mixed to regenerate the original multiphase stream.


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