Pump sizing calculator

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Consider a system such as shown in the following schematic. This is a basic or most common system where pumps are used for fluid transportation.

This page provides a basic calculation tool for sizing of pumps for a system such as given in the schematic.

reference diagram for pump sizing calculator

For the schematic given above,

W - Mass Flow rate kg/hr
ρ - Fluid density kg/m3
μ - Fluid viscosity cP
T - Fluid temperature 0C
Pv - Vapour pressure at T bara
Expected pump efficiency %
Expected motor efficiency %
Psv op (suction vessel operating Pressure) barg
Sll min (Minimum suction side liquid level- refer the schematic) m
ΔPsuct (Pressure loss across the straight suction line) bar
ΔPs (Pressure loss across the strainer / filter) bar
ΔPsother (Additional pressure loss on the suction side from fitting etc.) bar
Psl (Pump suction nozzle level – refer the schematic) m
Pdl (Pump discharge nozzle level – refer the schematic) m
Pdv op (discharge vessel operating Pressure) barg
ΔPdisch (Pressure loss across the straight discharge line) bar
ΔPcv (Pressure loss across the control valve) bar
ΔPdother (Additional pressure loss on the discharge side from fitting etc.) bar
dll max (Maximum liquid level required to be attained on the discharge side – refer the schematic) m
NPSHa (available) m
Suction pressure barg
Dischrge pressure (required) barg
Differential pressure (required) bar
Shaft Power (required) kW
Motor Power (required) kW

This pump sizer tool will output the shaft power and motor power requirement for your given service, flow rate and differential head required across the pump.

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