Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Sizing Calculator for Tubeside

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This is a calculator for sizing a shell and tube heat exchanger with shellside flow fixed. With shellside and tubeside inlet/outlet temperatures fixed, the required tubeside flow is calculated corresponding to given shellside flow. The log mean temperature difference (LMTD) is also reported. For known shellside and tubeside dimensions heat transfer areas and heat transfer coefficients on both sides are calculated. Finally the overall heat transfer coefficient is calculated and reported. If a different value of overall heat transfer coefficient is assumed or desired, then that value should be specified in the end section. The required heat transfer area corresponding to the assumed overall heat transfer coefficient is then reported.

Shellside inlet T 0C
Shellside outlet T 0C
Tubeside inlet T 0C
Tubeside outlet T 0C
Sehllside mass flow kg/hr
Shellside fluid density kg/m3
Tubeside fluid density kg/m3
Shellside fluid viscosity cP
Tubeside fluid viscosity cP
Shellside specific heat Kcal/kg.0C
Tubeside specific heat Kcal/kg.0C
Shellside conductivity Btu/hr.ft.0F
Tubeside conductivity Btu/hr.ft.0F
LMTD correction factor (Ft)
Tubeside Dimensions
Tube I.D. inches
Tube O.D. inches
Tube Length feet
Number of tubes
Tube pitch inches
Number of tube passes
Total tube area (at) inch2
Shellside Dimensions
Shell Diameter inches
Baffle Spacing inches
Shellside equivalent diameter (De) inches
Number of shell passes
Heat Exchanged Kcal/hr
Corresponding Tubeside Flow kg/hr
Shellside Flow Area ft2
Tubeside Flow Area ft2
Shellside Heat Transfer Coefficient Btu/hr.ft2F
Tubeside Heat Transfer Coefficient Btu/hr.ft2F
Calculated overall heat transfer coefficient Btu/hr.ft2F
Assumed overall heat transfer coefficient Btu/hr.ft2F
Area required based on assumed heat transfer coefficient m2


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