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Gas Density Formula

Density of an ideal gases is a function of pressure, molecular weight of the pure gas or mixture and the temperature of the gas.

Ideal gas equation is,
PV = nRT
where, P = Pressure (bar, atmosphere, Pa)
V = Gaseous volume (m3, cm3)
n = number of gaseous moles (dimensionless)
R = Universal gas constant (J/mol.K, lit.atm/mol.K)
T = Temperature of the gas (K)

M = molecular weight of the gaseous phase
W = n X M =  mass of the gaseous phase

To get the gas density formula,
PV = (W/M) RT
PM / RT = W/V
W/V = ρ = mass per unit volume, i.e. density
ρ = PM / RT  .................. formula for ideal gas density

For a real gas with compressibility factor z,
ρ = PM / zRT ..... formula for real gas density calculation

Gas Density Calculation

Understand how to calculate gas density by using an example problem.


Calculate the density of air at a temperature of 25°C (298.15 K) and a pressure of 1 atm (101.325 kPa).


Formula for calculating gas density derived from the ideal gas law is:
ρ = PM / zRT
where: ρ = density, M = molar mass, P = pressure,
R = universal gas constant, T = temperature

Molar mass of Air M = 28.96 grams/mole
P = 1 atm
T = 298.15 K
R = 0.0821 L·atm/mol·K
Air is considered to be a nearly ideal gas, so the compressibility of air is set at Z=1 .

Substituting the given values, we have:
ρ = PM / zRT
= (1 atm) (1) (28.96 g/mol) / (0.0821 L·atm/mol·K)(298.15 K) = 1.183 g/L = 1.183 kg/m3

Therefore, the density of air at 25°C and 1 atm is approximately 1.183 kg/m3.

Gas Density Calculator

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Molecular Weight
Compressibility (z)
Calculated gas density = kg/m3

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