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Storage Tanks

Types of Storage Tanks

  • Spheres – Used to storing products at pressures above 35 kPa.{adinserter 2}
  • Spheroids – Spherical in shape except that it is somewhat flattened. They are used to storing products above 35 kPa.
  • Horizontal cylindrical tanks – Working pressure of these tanks can be from 100 to 7000 kPa or even greater. They often have hemispherical heads.
  • Fixed Roofs – Roofs that are permanently attached to the tank shell. Welded tanks of 80 m3 capacity and larger may be provided with a frangible roof in which case the design pressure shall not exceed the equivalent pressure of the dead weight of the roof.
  • Floating Roof – Tank roof floats over the contents. They are designed to move vertically in the tank to maintain a constant void between the surface of liquid and the roof. It is fabricated in a way so as to provide a constant seal between the periphery of the roof and the shell. Internal floating roof tanks with external fixed roofs are used in areas of extreme snowfall.
  • Bolted – designed as segmental elements that are assembled on site to provide any configuration required. They offer an advantage of easy transportation and are erected by hand.

Typically the type of storage tank is selected based upon capacity and vapor pressure of the product being stored. The working pressure required depends upon the vapor pressure, the temperature variations of the liquid surface


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