Crude Oil Extraction

Well Completion

A well completion for oil production of wells, refers to the assembly of tubulars, packers, and other tools installed beneath the wellhead in the production casing. A well completion provides means for separation of different zones, by separating the tools and equipments that provides control and safety of two different flow paths.

Single Well Completion

A single completion well corresponds to a single zone of fluids from a sinle wellbore. A single tubing string installation to encloses the tubulars, packers, and other tools which enable the flow path for crude oil and natural gases.

Dual Well Completion

In a dual well completion, a single wellbore has tubulars, packers and other tools to enable production from two different zones. Generally, two tubing strings are used to provide necessary level of control, safety and segregation between fluids from the two different zones in a single wellbore. However, for some simple dual completions, only single tubing can also be used to enclose one distinct zone. In such cases the annulus between the tubing and casing provides enclosure for the other zone from the same wellbore.


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