Category - Crude Oil Extraction

Crude Oil Extraction

Well Completion

A well completion for oil production of wells, refers to the assembly of tubulars, packers, and other tools installed beneath the wellhead in the production...

Crude Oil Extraction


Drilling riser is a pipe which connects an offshore oil well to the associated drilling platform. A riser runs up starting from the seabed up to the drilling...

Crude Oil Extraction

Casing Strings

Casing strings are connected sets of series of steel pipes which run through the wellbore from wellhead to the oil reservoir. Sections of pipe are connected...

Crude Oil Extraction


What is wellhead?
Wellhead consists of components of an oil well which are located above the surface. Wellhead acts as an interface between the casing strings...

Crude Oil Extraction

Gas Lift Valves

Gas lift valves are used in a gas-lift system to control the flow of lift gas from annulus around the production tubing to the production tubing. The gas lift...


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