Miscellaneous Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance Tools for Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance tools used in the following table are frequently found useful in the maintenance of various equipments.

Tool Name



Diesel electrical injector puller

This item is used mainly to dismantle the electrical injectors found in diesel engines

Maintenance of diesel engines mainly used to dismantle the fuel injectors.

Roller Stud extractor

Used in dismantle process.

Extraction of broken stud bolts from machine body.

Digital dial Indicator

Dial indicator reading to 0.01mm used during working with equipments running with high RMP.

Dial indicator reading used mainly in equipment alignment and installation procedure.

Magnetic base holder

Magnetic base holder.

Used to hold the dial indicators in place to measure equipment alignment and soft foot.

Mechanical leveling gauge

Mechanical leveling gauge.

Used to measure equipment leveling, ground prismatic base with 2 unbreakable vials accuracy 0.05 mm/m.

Inspection mirror

Telescopic inspection mirror used to inspect area which is difficult to reach with bare eyes

Inspection and installation procedure used to inspect important places inside equipments.

Oil can

Pressure oil can with flexible spout used to lubricate small parts that are difficult to reach with hands

Installation procedure.

Helical cylindrical masonry

Drill bits used for making holes in concrete and walls.

Drilling work available with different sizes.

Pipe cutter

Telescopic pipe cutter

Cutting pipe according to specific length.

Clamp Vices

Pivoting clamp vices to hold pipes.

Used to hold fittings in place without affecting it’s surface while working on it.


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