Process Control Process Design

Why control valves are important in process design

Like any other equipment or unit operations in the process or chemical industry, control valve has its own limitations. There are various factors that make control valve function properly.

Control valves are one of the critical linkages in not only normal operations but also safety. Loss in any forms either by loss of production or impact to personnel or environment impact is not intended.

When designing the control valve, care needs to be taken for all possible combinations of flowrate, pressure/pressure drop, temperature, and compositions. Most of the time, Engineers focus too much on major process equipment and tend to overlook the control valve or even control logic. If any of the parameters is changed then control valves also needs to be accessed before making final call of modifying the system.

Delivering the desired results are ultimate aim but being an item for multi-disciplines like process, instrument, Mechanical and procurement, there is high probability of not getting the correct final information shared at all functions.


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