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Best Cold Email Marketing Tips for Generate Leads

If you're running a business in the engineering industry, what tools do you use to get new leads? In the process, energy, equipment manufacturing and construction industries cold emails can be very helpful to get new leads.

By funneling promising leads into your sales pipeline, one effective outreach strategy can transform your business's efficiency. Cold emails have been around for a while, but their effectiveness has recently been called into question.

Many people worry that cold emails are spam or illegal, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, cold email is the most effective sales channel.

It certainly works, but only if you know how to use it. Cold emailing is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads for your business, close more sales, and move you closer to your business objectives.

What is a cold email?

A cold email is any email sent to a potential lead or prospective client with whom you have no prior contact. It is a one-on-one outreach aimed at developing a long-term relationship with the recipient.

Cold emailing is similar to cold calling in theory, but it is less intrusive and more feasible. Cold emailing requires fewer resources than cold calling because email automation and customer relationship management tools are widely available.

Using cold email templates and automating the email marketing process can significantly speed up your outreach. When selecting a CRM for startups, email marketing is an important consideration, but knowing how to draft effective cold emails is critical to the overall success of the marketing.

Cold email marketing tips

Here are some best practices on how to write and send the best cold emails:

1. Be genuine

Your email recipients have no prior knowledge of you or your company. The first thing you must establish in order to facilitate ongoing communication is your credibility. It is critical that the email address appears genuine and that the sender's name and credentials are visible.

The message should have a natural flair and should not appear robotic. Maintain a friendly, conversational tone. For that human touch, add a dash of wit and humour. Avoid making it sound like a sales pitch, and avoid using a misleading or clickbait subject line.

Before sending the email, read it aloud to yourself to see if the message sounds natural. Your cold email strategy will be more successful if it is informal and similar to what you would say to a prospect in person.

2. Establish a relationship

Cold email outreach should be used to establish a relationship rather than to close a sale. Sending out the same cookie-cutter template doesn't add much to your sales and marketing strategy.

You must find a way to connect with your target audience. Even small gestures, such as addressing the recipient by name, go a long way toward establishing a personal connection. Conduct preliminary research on the recipients, understand their pain points, find common ground for conversation, and work toward developing a long-term relationship.

People are inundated with cold emails on a daily basis. Establishing a connection ensures that your first email stands out from the crowd.

3. Ensure your offering

When you send a cold email, you are nothing more than a stranger on the internet to the recipient. To demonstrate that your offer is trustworthy and credible, you must validate yourself and provide sufficient social proof to generate trust in your company.

If you have any common contacts, mention them in the email. If not, you can always refer to other customers or industry big names who have used your services or purchased your product. The more credible you appear, the more likely you are to receive a response to your cold email.

4. Keep it brief and actionable.

People who receive your cold email campaign are unlikely to read the entire contents of your email. They don't know you, and if the value you offer doesn't jump out at them at first glance, they'll simply delete rather than deal with the hassle.

Short messages are more likely to be opened and read. Include clear directives and explicitly state the goals of mailing them in the first place to significantly increase response rate.

5. Present the value first.

You may be aiming for a sale, but your cold email should never feel like a sales pitch. Don't go after a direct purchase without first communicating value. When pitching to a prospect, make your value proposition clear so prospects understand the benefits you provide, and state it clearly in the email body.

Instead of pressuring them to buy your products or services, inform them about the actual offering and invite them to contact you for additional information or clarification. In subsequent follow-up conversations, gradually shed more light on your problem until it no longer feels like a pitch but rather a logical sequence of events.

How can SafeMailer help you? 

Your marketing emails will be sent out in waves using cold emailing software like SafeMailer which is free to start with. Instead of sending 1,000 emails all at once, it sends them over several days, 1-2 minutes apart, much like a real human would.

Workflows for automating cold emails in SafeMailer are comparable to those of mailshake or woodpecker. But since Google handles the majority of the labor-intensive tasks for us, SafeMailer is a more lightweight and affordable substitute for mailshake / woodpecker.


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