Phase separation Process Equipment


Schoepentoeters are inlet devices are used in phase separator vessels as well as stripper, absorber, distillation columns etc. mainly for even distribution of the inlet flow across the vessel or column cross sections. Even distribution of the fluids across the cross section geometries becomes important in order to minimize the channeling of these fluids, which can lead to reduced equipment efficiency.

Figure 1 - Schoepentoeter

Schoepentoeters in Columns

For columns, it is important the channeling of fluid, especially through the packed beds, leads to reduced gas liquid contact and hence reduced efficiency of the column. Channeling occurs when a major fraction of the incoming fluids is directed to a small part of the column inlet tray. A schoepentoeter device extending well into the column cross section enables the even distribution over the inlet tray, thus preventing channeling.

Schoepentoeters in Vessels

A schoepentoeter type inlet device can be used in gas liquid separator vessels to enhance the separation efficiency. Typically a schoepentoeter inlet device functions by decreasing the momentum of the incoming feed stream. Reduced momentum gives ample residence time to the incoming fluids, enough to allow for the removal of liquids and solids present in the feed. Schoepentoeter is also responsible for evenly distributing the inlet gas-liquid mixture over the entire cross section of the separator vessel. The even distribution is necessary in order to minimize any channeling effects through the downstream devices and to maximize separation by gravity. A typical schoepentoeter inlet device is shown below.


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