Operation and Maintenance

Bearing Lifecycle and Maintenance - Every bearing has a pre-calculated service life. However, research has shown that, for various reasons, not every bearing achieves it. Important stages which have a major impact on a bearing service life can be recognized during the bearing’s life cycle. These stages are mounting, lubrication, alignment, basic condition monitoring and dismounting.
 Equipment lifting guidelines for equipment installation - Recommended procedures, practices, and checklists for the installation and pre-commissioning of new and reapplied equipments for petroleum, chemical, and gas industry services facilities.  
Maintenance Tools - List of miscellaneous maintenance tools used for tightening - loosening of nuts and bolts, maintenance of bearing, installation of equipments etc. along with description and application of each tool.
Pump Maintenance : centrifugal pumps - Centrifugal Pump operating problems that may cause damage to the centrifugal pump can be either hydraulic or mechanical. This article discusses the precautions to be taken against such damage, typical inspection and maintenance for centrifugal pumps and typical checklists for such scheduled pump inspection / pump maintenance.
Pump Priming for centrifugal pumps -A centrifugal pump priming is done when the passageways of the pump are filled with the liquid to be pumped. The liquid replaces the air, gas, or vapor in the passage ways. This maybe done manually or automatically.

Selfprime Pump
Selfprime Pump
Pump Vibration Analysis Charts - How is vibration measured and interpreted? What is the role of vibration analysis in case of pump maintenance? What information can be obtained from vibration analysis trend charts?
Reliability coefficients for centrifugal pumps - Many things can influence the pump operation and pump reliability. Poor initial installation may cause premature failure due to misalignment, excessive piping strain, improper lubrication, etc. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to eliminate one major source of pump failure by installing it right the first time.
Steam blowing for pre-comissioning of steam systems - Cleaning by steam blowing is carried out essentially for steam circuits (i.e for steam generating boilers, steam heated exchangers, steam turbine upstream piping or other steam lines). Due to problems of condensation of steam or draining of condensate, this type of cleaning has to be used with the utmost care, as it can potentially create vacuum in the equipments being cleaned.  
Typical Start-up Procedure for Canned Motor pumps - Canned motor pump or sealless pumps they are developed to eliminate the liquid leakage to the atmosphere.This article gives a typical checklist for start-up of Canned Motor pumps.
Typical Start-up Procedure for Centrifugal Pumps - Centrifugal pumps convert energy of an electric motor or turbine into velocity or kinetic energy and then into pressure energy of the fluid being pumped.  The energy changes occur around two main parts of the pump, impeller and volute or diffuser.  Pump impeller is the rotating part that converts driver energy into the kinetic energy. This article gives a typical checklist for start-up of Centrifugal Pumps.
Diphragm Pump General View Typical Start-up Procedure for Diaphragm Pumps - In a diaphragm pump, the motion of the piston away from the head creates a vacuum in the chamber, and the vacuum draws in fluid. Motion of the piston toward the head compresses the fluid and forces it out of the chamber. This article gives a typical checklist for start-up of Diaphragm pumps.
Typical Start-up Procedure for Progressive Cavity Pumps - Progressive cavity pumps are unique among positive displacement pumps for their ability to pump a wide range of fluids. Such as clean, water-like liquids, delicate products such as maraschino cherries and viscous, solids-laden fluids are all appropriate applications for progressive cavity pumps. This article gives a typical checklist for start-up of Progressive Cavity pumps.
Typical Start-up Procedure for Sundyne Pumps - Sundyne Pumps have unique design which offers the ability to optimize efficiency, curve shape, NPSH,  run out horse power and radial loading to provide economical, reliable operation for your conditions of service through various combinations of impeller, diffuser and inducer geometry. This article gives a typical checklist for start-up of sundyne pumps.
 Welding and Preheating - Welding is mixing of a base metal with filler metal. Filler material is melted at high temperature through a consumable electrode and provides the relevant bonding strength. Preheating is a process performed before welding. It consists of gradually increasing the temperature of the filler metal. This way, undesirable thermal gradients-stresses are kept to a minimum.  


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